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Crypto - 99.9% acceptance solution around the world

Grow your business globally with borderless, instant and low-cost crypto payments.

All income transactions are analysed by blockchain risk-scoring system in accordance with AMLD5

Instant and free payment send and receive crypto payments

Seamless deposits are available with a single sign-in, no more recurring payments.

Pretty low commission cost between Latipay user accounts.

Standards such as FSG, FSP, AFSL and PCI, keep your business safe and secure.

Multi-currency support, 40+ crypto supported around the world .

Built-in exchange Manage your crypto portfolio with access to some of the best exchange rates.

How your money move globally

For those looking for an end-to-end solution, we provide you with a configurable, scalable network with the payment flexibility of our integrated partners.

iGaming & online entertainment

Our payment gateway helps iGaming businesses to accept deposits in cryptocurrency from any region instantly

Forex and Binary

Multi-currency support, multi-account management, and an extensive reporting system for Forex businesses.


Our crypto payment processing is a robust solution for online stores to accept Bitcoin and 30+ other digital assets.

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No more blocked operations

All high-risk businesses face restrictions on the transactions and payment methods they can work with in their daily life. Cryptocurrencies transaction cannot be blocked by any authority. As a result, Latipay's crypto payment gateway gives you a borderless opportunity in your business activity.

Easy onboarding process

Traditional PSPs have a strict compliance procedure and requirements for some industry, which often becomes a blocker for most high-risk businesses. Despite the fact that we follow all legal procedures, it's much faster if you already Latipay's partner.

Avoid fraud and chargebacks

Chargebacks (positive fraud) have been growing at 41% every year. This global problem for the whole business is solved with cryptocurrency. The integration of a crypto payment gateway protects your business 100% from fraud and chargeback