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Easily collect by Ecommerce, software or platforms.

We accept collect & withdraw money instantly with Latipay’s powerful APIs, Plug-in, Website merchant portal or App solutions designed to help you capture more revenue.


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Latipay provides flexible payment services that simplify setup without compromising on user experience. 

Mobile H5

Latipay build a fully API-based integration with mobile web view size and user experience.


We can also accept payments in your iOS or Android app using our mobile SDKs.

Latipay App

If you just want to collect money from you customer, Latipay app can help you without any setup.


Payments for platforms & trading markets

Latipay has a set of programmable APIs and tools that lets you facilitate payments on your software platform, build a trading market, and pay out sellers or service providers in NZ and AU. 

I How we works
Latipay lets your customers pay online in real time. They don’t need a credit-card, and they don’t need to register. When they pay you with Latipay, the payment is transferred directly into your account.

I Our fees
With no setup fees and extremely low transaction fees, you could save at up to 50% compared to using platform standard credit card pricing.

I Benefits
– Low cost: Transaction rate get lower by transaction amount.
– Easy to setup: Just create a Latipay account and setup
– Access funds immediately: Withdraw funds to your bank account during the same business day (you can also set auto-withdraw)
– Reconcile easily: Automatically monthly report and customised out put statement.

I Accept platforms & setup guide
If you intend to integrate Latipay into your checkout gateway, here is a solution with setup guide for you. Click any platform below to view the setup guide or you can also

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