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Accept payments on your mobile anywhere, anytime

Over 10,000 satisfied merchants use Latipay’s mobile App and APIs to accept payments instantly and manage their businesses online. Latipay empowers merchants with a full range of popular payment solutions including Alipay, WeChat Pay and UnionPay. It’s a simple way for businesses to receive payments and keep customers happy.


Seamless connection with
omnichannel payments

I Latipay makes it easier and faster for you to accept all popular payment methods on your mobile phone.

Yes, your overseas customers can also make a payment easily!

I Latipay allows you to receive payments in NZD while your customers pay in foreign currencies via their preferred methods by using Alipay, Wechat Pay, Unionpay and more.

Accept payments in multiple currencies and receive NZD in your bank account.


All-in-one on mobile

I Easily send payment requests
Use the Latipay App with just a few clicks to fill out the payment information and amount. Send the payment request to customers in person, via social media, email or SMS message.

I Supporting a full range of popular payment methods
Latipay is a fully integrated suite; encompassing popular payment solutions. Customers can choose their preferred payment methods to make payments.

I Instant Payment Confirmation
The Latipay App sends a payment notification instantly once a customer has made a payment. You can setup your account to be notified by email, SMS or voice message.

I Account Management
Automatically generate financial reports every month – eliminating the need to check paper bills and bank statements. Latipay’s multi-wallet function also makes managing transactions much easier.

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Automatic account KYC verification , Start accepting payment immediately


Exchange & Pricing

We have developed an efficient process with no gaps so you and your team don’t need to stitch together various systems or spend months integrating payments functionality.

Transparent and no hidden cost

Simple tiered pricing structure

Official FX rate without markups

Save more with regular promotions

What they say?

Over 10,000 satisfied merchants accept payments via the Latipay app