Accept payments through your E-commerce Platform APIs Latipay App

Get up and running with a high performance and flexible checkout in no time.

Payment API
Latipay & our partners empower your business with seamless payment integration.
Merchant Portal
For small businesses to accept payments and access lite commercial functions.
Latipay APP
collect money from you customers, the Latipay app is a great choice as a ‘lite’ option.

Use a single payments platform

Connect to a single platform for global payment coverage no matter where you operate, or where you want to expand to.

Stay up to date with payment regulations such as PSD2 & PCI compliance from the moment you integrate.

Increase revenue

Offer your customers' preferred payment methods on your payment page, reduce fraudulent payment activity without needing in-depth technical knowledge, and create ecommerce experiences built for more conversions.

Save time and money on training and resources

Our plugins sit within the software you’re using, meaning you won’t need to spend time and money training staff to use new tools or managing logins. With this easy integration into the platform, your whole team will have a head start.

Let your customers pay the way they want

Support the way your customers prefer to pay through various digital wallets, cards, payment certificates, and bank transfers.