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Card Payment

The future of seamless and secure card payments for your online business.

Get started quickly and easily with our streamlined onboarding process.

Experience our default T+1 flexible settlement for faster payouts.

Full support for API and popular e-commerce platform plugins.

Choose from IC++ / Blended and surcharge pricing options to best suit your needs.

Enable 3DS 2.0 and real-time fraud detection for enhanced security.

Optimize transaction success with our intelligent routing system.

Competitive & Flexible Pricing

Latipay offers flexible pricing options tailored to suit the specific needs of your business. We understand that every business is unique, and we strive to provide pricing plans that align with your requirements and budget.


Interchange++ offers transparent pricing, ensuring you pay the actual interchange fees set by card networks. Understand costs per transaction and optimize payment processing expenses.


Surcharge model allows you to charge customers an additional fee on credit card transactions to cover processing costs.


With split pricing, you will be charged a fixed percentage based on whether the transaction is domestic or international. This allows for greater transparency and clarity in understanding your costs.

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E-Commerce Platform Plugin

Latipay provides card payment support for popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WordPress, Magento, OpenCart, ECShop, and others. It offers free installation and simple configuration for easy usage.

Full API Integration

Our API is designed to be simple and easily integrated into your existing website, providing a seamless payment experience for your customers. With its intuitive design and comprehensive documentation, integrating Latipay into your website is a straightforward process. By integrating Latipay's API, you gain access to a wide range of payment functionalities. You can securely process card payments, including credit and debit cards, ensuring a smooth checkout process for your customers.

Enhancing Fraud Detection and Management: Latipay's Comprehensive Approach

While 3DS (3-D Secure) can effectively combat third-party fraud, its main drawback lies in its inability to prevent first-party fraud, which accounts for the majority of merchants' chargebacks. Friendly fraud typically occurs after the transaction is completed, rendering customer authentication prior to purchase ineffective against such fraudulent activities. Although the 3DS authentication method provides valuable anti-fraud protection, it functions best as part of a comprehensive fraud and chargeback management strategy.