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Everything you need to accept global money

We help you to move money around the world with ease. We do this through a single connection that provides the best collection technology for global payments and payout capabilities in 30+ currencies.”

Legacy systems replaced by an automated system that carries out straight through processes.

The ability to collect, convert, pay and manage in one centralised location.

Grows alongside your business with cost-effective international payment.

Intuitive international payment platform that ensures user gets the simple, slick experience.

Integrated with multiple liquidity providers and different FX networks.

AML features that remove the risk for the customer. (PEP’S & Sanctions)

Online, instant, speedy for any business setup

The process of collecting and sending money overseas can be overly complex and inefficient, and leave you feeling powerless over the outcome. At Latipay we have designed a suite of global payment solutions to help clients of all sizes optimise how they move money around the world. Our platform outperforms on speed, value and transparency. Whether you are a retail customer who needs to send money to family overseas, a business looking to save on cross-border transaction costs, or a global institution seeking a full-scale payments integration or a distribution partner, Latipay can help.

Our program gives you the flexibility to choose how our payments infrastructure can work for your business.

Use our APIs as building-blocks, or opt for a full-scale integration, and experience the power of real-time payments.

Access an extensive global payments network to move money quickly and cheaply out of AU, NZ and around the world

We offer a unique hybrid of global transfer options, including traditional SWIFT transfers and innovative blockchain channels. Connect to us by API and let our behind-the-scenes infrastructure power your payments.

Optimise and save on cross-border payments.

From penetrating new markets, to building trust with suppliers and improving supply chain logistics, Latipay is helping global businesses get the most out of their international payments.

Experience how our unparalleled delivery speeds, funds tracking capabilities and currency-conversion savings can help you reach your business goals.

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Move money around the world with ease.

With better exchange rates, no hidden fees and faster payments speeds, Latipay is the better choice when it comes to sending money abroad.

Experience how our smart technology can help you save time and money on your next international transfer.

Getting started is easy

Flexible digital device types

Discover all the payment options you need to get the most out of your online and offline transactions.


Browser-based payment experiences for web and mobile.


Latipay customizable in app and mobile payment experiences.

Latipay app

A lite solution design for face-to-face and social media collection.

How your money move globally

For those looking for an end-to-end solution, we provide you with a configurable, scalable network with the payment flexibility of our integrated partners.

Steps to get started with us

Contact our team

Get in touch with sales to identify the best set-up for your business and receive a custom proposal.

Sign & onboard

Our commercial and onboarding teams will guide you through your account set-up.


We will help you set up a test account to let you explore our platform functionalities in sand-box

Configure & Optimize

Configure your account settings and go live and start processing service you need with Latipay.